How Much are Average Commercial Lease Rates in Austin?

How Much are Average Commercial Lease Rates in Austin?Lease rates increase or decrease frequently based on a number of factors such as current available inventory, commercial space demand, job growth, market conditions, etc.

At Austin Tenant Advisors our goal is to be as transparent as we can and provide you the most current information we have on hand so you can make the best commercial lease decisions possible.

To find out the average commercial lease rates in Austin, Tx click the links below:

Austin Office Lease Rates

Austin Retail Lease Rates

Austin Warehouse Lease Rates

Types of Commercial Real Estate

Not sure of the Type of Space you need? Whether you need to lease office space, retail, medical, or industrial/warehouse, we can find just the spot that fits both your business and your budget.

Office Space

Office space comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for an old house zoned for commercial office use, a traditional office in the suburbs, flexible space to service your office and warehouse space needs, or a class A office in downtown Austin, we can help find the right fit for your business.

Retail Space

When leasing Retail Space one must research and consider many other factors than when leasing other types of commercial space. The cheapest space will not always be the most suited for your business so don’t just sign a lease on the first bargain you see. Things such as demographics, traffic patterns, your competition, visibility needs, etc. must be considered to determine whether a location is right for you.

Medical Offices

Finding the right medical office space can be imperative to the success of your medical practice. Chances are, you need to be close to a hospital or medical facility that treats similar patients or that you can get referrals from. Whether you’d like to be downtown, closest to the largest medical hospitals in Austin, or in a thriving city such as Lakeway, TX, we can help you find the perfect medical office location. If you are a dentist or a chiropractor needing to lease space there are plenty of options for you in medical buildings or in retail locations throughout the Austin Metro area.

Warehouse Space

Industrial / Warehouse space can be used for many purposes. If your business requires flexible working space, has loading and unloading requirements, needs a combination of office/warehouse, or you’re just looking for office space that has lower rates, leasing warehouse space might be the best fit for your business.

Need Commerical Real Estate in Austin? We Can Help!

Austin Tenant Advisors specializes in helping businesses find the best office space for rent, retail space, and warehouse space in Austin, TX.  Our specialty is tenant representation and we will help you research and select the best properties (location, layout and price that fits your needs), facilitate lease negotiations to ensure you get the best deal, and assist with relocation and move-in.

Austin Office Space and Commercial Real Estate Search

Call 512-861-0525 or email us your business space needs. After learning more about your needs we will research, identify and prepare a list of every available commercial property listing that meets your specific criteria. Pictures, floorplans, and lease rate info will be emailed to you within hours of contact.

Free Austin Office Space Search

You don’t pay a penny for our service, the landlord does, and there’s no obligation so why wait to contact us to see if we can assist with your business needs?

The Difference Between Rentable and Usable Square Feet

usable vs rentable sfWhen reviewing and comparing office space for lease it’s important that you know how much space you actually get to use vs how much is common area for all tenants.  Every building is different.  Some have more common area space than others.  As you evaluate office space you need to ask the landlord how much of the space is usable vs rentable so you can ensure that it will accommodate your needs and budget.

You’re probably now wondering…. What is the difference between rentable and usable square feet?

Rentable Square Feet (RSF)

This is the total square footage that you actually pay rent on.  This includes the actual space you will occupy and use PLUS your pro rata share (as a percentage) of the building common areas.  Building common areas typically include the restrooms, hallways, stairwells, lobby, etc.  Building common areas (aka common area factor or load factor) typically range from 15% to 21%.  When you ask the listing agent how many sf a particular space is they will typically tell you the rentable sf.  That is why it’s important to ask what the common area factor is so you can determine if the usable sf will be enough to meet your needs.  If you occupy a single tenant building then your usable area typically equals your rentable area.

Usable Square Feet (USF)

This is the square footage that you actually occupy.  You do not share this space with the other tenants.  For example if you get a tape measure and measure a room that is 10 feet by 10 feet or 100 sf…. this is your usable space.

Here is an example of how it looks.  As you can see the common area is split up equally to all tenants.

usable vs rentable square feet

I hope this all makes sense to you.  If not feel free to contact us with questions at 512-861-0525


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