10 Solutions for Running a Green Business

office space in austin going greenHave you heard all the GREEN hype and want to know how you can make a difference as a business owner? Wondering how to make your office space in Austin GREEN?

There’s no doubt that if you own your own business, you’re a jack-of-all-trades. You do the accounting and payroll, run the operations, manage the employees, determine the best marketing solutions and probably about 100 more weekly tasks. So you’re probably asking yourself “how can I fit being green into my long list of to-do’s?” It’s easier than you think to get started with making your Austin business green. And don’t be left behind as there are plenty of other businesses already green. In fact, Austin is ranked 18th in Energy Star certifications in a study among US cities. Read on to learn how your business can start being GREEN.

10 Solutions to Running a Green Business

1. Printing

  • Print double-sided to save on the amount of paper that is used. Set your printer settings to print in black and white and save the color printing for important client facing documents.

2. Electricity

  • Turn off all lights each night. Unplug any unused electronics—they use electricity even when they aren’t in use!

3. Water consumption

  • Use water filters on your taps and refrigerator vs. paying for bottled water. Americans spend billions each year on bottled water. Buy reusable aluminum water bottles with your company’s logo and make sure every employee gets one!

4. Recycle

  • Encourage your employees to recycle their paper, aluminum, plastic, and glass. Keep several recycle containers around the office to encourage recycling and give each employee their own recycle box for paper specifically. If your office doesn’t offer recycling services, designate someone if your office to take the recycling 1-2x per month to a local recycling center or better yet, rotate the task so everyone’s involved in helping your office go GREEN!

5. Buy Green

  • From the toilet paper and paper towels to the paper you use for printing, opt for green products when available.

6. Go Paperless

  • Email communication is best. When there’s a request for a fax, suggest a scanned and then emailed version of the document. Encourage your employees to print only when necessary.

7. Energy Star Saving Appliances

  • Many utility companies offer up to 40% savings when you convert your old appliances to more energy efficient models. You can get energy star appliances for everything you need in the office. Printers, copiers, fax machines, dishwashers and refrigerators all have models that can save you tons of money. And some utility companies will also provide a rebate for purchasing so make sure you check with them before you buy!

8. Laptops vs. Desktops

  • While you might think it’s less expensive for you to purchase desktop computers for your employees, there are many reasons it makes sense to purchase laptops instead. Laptops are built to be energy efficient and they use up to 1/3 less power than a desktop. The added benefit to you as the employer, is that since your employees can take their laptops with them, they are more likely to work during non-business hours.

9. Use Green Cleaning Supplies

  • There are tons of cleaning supplies you can purchase that are GREEN or you can hire a cleaning service that only used GREEN cleaning solutions. Some of the green supplies you can purchase on your own include, baking soda, vinegar, salt, lemon juice, etc. If you prefer to buy green products try Green Works which is a green cleaning product line sold at Office Max.

10. Buy Local

  • The more products you have shipped to your office, the more energy that is used on gas for delivery. If you can purchase your office supplies, coffee, and any food you might supply for your office locally, you’ll be saving the environment AND supporting local businesses!

It’s easier than you think to GO GREEN. And you don’t have to do it all at once. Choose one green initiative a month and start making your business green, slowly but surely!

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