15 Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

Twitter AccountsTwitter is one of the social media sites that is a good place to look in terms of trending news and events. Many business owners use this site to reach their target market. Here are the some of the Twitter accounts that you every entrepreneur should follow:

1. @AMAnet – with 245,000 followers, the American Management Association is a very reliable source of business strategy and leadership.
2. @ebongeka – Ebong Eka gives daily tips and advices to small businesses. He also shares inspiring stories for future entrepreneurs.
3. @enTREEpreneurz – Michelle Glover is dedicated to help women built their own small online businesses.
4. @amexopen – American Express Open has 202,000 followers and it shares business ideas with other business owners
5. @ceorealtalk – With 2300 followers this account aims to empower business owners and entrepreneurs who want to maximize growth
6. @chelseakrost – Focuses on millennial entrepreneurs.
7. @cindy_bates – She shares advice to small businesses about technology, entrepreneurship, and small business trends
8. @cozmodiva – Great resource for women interested in tech, small business, & marketing
9. @entreepreneurz – She helps women grow their online business
10. @ebongeka – CPA that provides small business advice to over 28,000 followers
11. @keithwyche – Gives an inside view of what it's like to be an executive and in leadership
12. @marksbabbitt – One of Inc's top leadership speakers and shares advice on careers & business leadership.
13. @kellyalovell – Focuses on inspiring young business leaders & entrepreneurs
14. @matthewtoren – Writes for Entrepreneur magazine and writes about running successful businesses
15. @rlorenzen – Writes for Entrepreneur magazine and shares advice on public relations & branding

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