The 24 Coolest Small Businesses In Austin

Austin has always been known as the live music capital of the world, however over the last few years it has also been the hands down winner of the best place to start a business.  From mustache wax to yoga to brew pubs to donuts there are a lot of small businesses in Austin with great ideas, great service, and success to boot.

I think one of my favorites which I have yet to try is Gourdoughs Big Fat Donuts!  I love donuts and I love bacon……….put those two together and you have a little slice of heaven!

Austinites are proud of their city and we like to “keep it weird” as much as possible.  In the link below you will find the coolest and most promising small businesses in Austin.  Some may be weird, but that is also what native Austinites takes pride – keeping Austin different from the rest of the world!

Click here to see the entire list of coolest small businesses in Austin


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