3 Austin startups raise $40.5M

3 Austin startups raise $40.5MAustin startups are yet again highlighted in the recent US Securities and Exchange Commission reports. Three startups – Pivot3, Roikoi and RxWiki – had been reported to have raised their capitals that amounted to $40.5 million in the past week.
– Pivot3 inc has garnered $31.1 million of their intended $37.5 million funding targets. According to the report, the company has been collecting money for the past 14 months.
– Roikoi received a $1.7 million seed money from its investors
– Finally, RxWiki garnered $5.7 million from 10 investors
Here is where to see last week’s funding deals: 3 Austin startups raise $40.5M. Companies use this funding to expand their business and garner business leads that will help them grow their businesses.

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