3 Ways to Recharge in Your Startup Life

how to recharge your startup lifeThere are times when things become crazy in living a startup life. Monotony and having a normal job and a normal life are definitely not in an entrepreneur’s life. Life is different if you have a startup business. It becomes crazy sometimes.

Well, here are some tips on how to gain back your sanity when you feel that life has become crazier than before:


As the leader and captain of the ship, your health is very important. Most entrepreneur falls into a sedentary life style because their daily routine will be home-office. You need to squeeze in a daily exercise no matter how busy you are. Most successful CEO wakes up around 4am or 5am just to have their daily exercise like jogging or yoga.


Do not forget to have a break and get out of time every 6 months or at least once a year if your schedule is super hectic. This will give you some space from your 24/7 office. You will be surprised that you will be able to think more clearly and innovatively during or after y our vacation.

Allow an hour a day

Do you know that the most productive time or conversation happens outside the office? Make an effort to at least have a break for an hour with your friends or even team every day. You will learn more about them and know more about their goals in life that might benefit your company.
It is good to be focused in your company and your company’s goals. However, sometimes we need to stay away for a second to check the bigger picture and be able to realize if we are really headed on that direction.

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