30 Home Remodeling Ideas | Advice When Doing House Renovations

home remodel ideas & renovation adviceIf you have ever renovated a home you know that things almost never go as planned. Before you start your next house remodel consider the advice below from many homeowners that have been through the process. If you want to increase your chances of a successful remodel follow these guidelines!

  1. Have an excellent eye for design and the time to manage the process every day. If you don’t hire someone who does.
  2. Home remodels are rarely completed when contractors say they will be completed.
  3. Make a written list room by room of the changes you want to make. Make sure to consider electronics, electrical & plumbing, etc. Do you need another office space, larger kitchen or bathroom? Wave he magic wand now. You can always value engineer after if prelim bids are too high.
  4. Make a Pinterest or Houzz account for you and the family to collaborate on needs and wants.
  5. If you hire an architect make sure you will get to see 3D renderings as they will help you visualize things better.
  6. Talk to lots of friends about their experiences.
  7. Keep a binder that will house all your notes, invoices, paint colors, product choices, and all communications with your vendors.
  8. Create a budget however expect overruns of 20% to 50%
  9. If the home was built before 1978 have it inspected for asbestos and lead.
  10. Budget is a fluid concept as there will always be more that you want to do.
  11. You will spend 3 times what you planned to.
  12. Have at least a 50% contingency because everything costs more and you will add stuff along the way.
  13. Redo entire rooms. Don’t just piece meal things as you will never have a full realization of the design.
  14. You can always do more later.
  15. Do the hardest things first (e.g. plumbing, wiring, windows, etc.
  16. Do kitchens before bathrooms.
  17. Move all walls during the beginning phases.
  18. Foam insulation in the best
  19. Don’t pay the contractor or subcontractors the full bill until everything is completed. Consider splitting payments into 3 chunks (Before, midway, and completion)
  20. Give the contractor complete details specifications of your scope of work. 
  21. You will have change orders
  22. Take photos beginning, middle and end. Use video also. Take shots from different angles. Take photos of the wall frames before sheetrock goes up so you know what is behind them if you ever need to install cabling or hang things
  23. Hire a qualified contractor with great recommendations. Find one that you can trust.
  24. Ask for and check all contractor past clients
  25. Get everything in writing with contractors that you hire.
  26. Expect to pay more than you budgeted for and expect it to take longer than planned.
  27. Make sure to check on the project yourself and communicate regularly with the contractor.
  28. Plan on a weekly onsite meeting with the contractor to review progress
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