400 Workers from Austin to be acquired by a British Payroll Company

safeguardworldinternationalA British company is planning to expand its headquarters in Austin and will be hiring local workers who will reach 400 in the next five years.

SafeGuard World International Ltd. is an employment and payroll outsourcing firm. Its headquarters is located at the intersection of Wild Basin Road and Loop 360. It is being operated by 14 employees. The expansion tends to secure the company’s growth due to an increasing demand for their services worldwide. The headquarters in Austin is forecasted to be operated by up to 60 employees within the year and will reach the number of 400 workers in five years.

SafeGuard World International Ltd. was founded by CEO Bjorn Reynolds in 2008. It also operates an office in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company offers its services to 165 countries worldwide and is operated by 280 workers as of this time.
SafeGuard World moved its main headquarter to Austin so that the company’s executives will be together in one establishment. They are looking forward to bringing in $40 million revenue this year from their United States customers. The majority of SafeGuard’s clients which contribute to 65 percent of their total clientele are based in the United States of America.
The direct competitor of SafeGuard World is the Automatic Data Processing Inc. based in New Jersey.

The CEO of Asure Software Inc. based in Austin and SafeGuard World’s investor, Patrick Goepel, said that the expansion in Austin is a wise move because of its visibility and availability to the majority of its customers.

Overseas offices of SafeGuard are also available in India, United Kingdom and Mexico City.
SafeGuard World enlisted on Tuesday, Tracy Micciche, an industry veteran, as vice president to handle the strategic business initiatives. Micciche was a former human resources global transformation director at The Hackett Group.

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