5 Business Naming Trends Startups Should Know

startup namesNaming your company may sound simple, but it is the most important aspect to consider for startups. Your business name holds a great impact to your future clients and employees.

There are many ways you can scout business names for your startup, however, do not take this decision lightly because it greatly impacts your company’s overall identity. Your business name will be used on all marketing mediums both online and offline promotional materials.
To keep you less pressured in choosing the best name for your startups, here are 5 naming trends for startups that were found very useful.

1. Consider Real Words for your company’s name

When you hear Apple, Amazon, Yahoo or Twitter, these words mean something but are successful in the world of business. This approach is effective in generating buzz. Think of a name that is fun, easy to say, and where you could build a unique advertising campaign.

2. Use Phonetics

Sometimes using phonetics without considering proper grammar can give your business a cool edge like flickr instead of flicker, Digg instead of dig and Tumblr instead of Tumbler.

3. Compound words

New business uses two syllable and compound words for their business names like Facebook, Skillshare, and Birchbox. These words are cool and creative to represent your business.

4. Traditional Initials and Acronyms

This branding is the traditional approach in naming a business like IBM, which stands for International Business Machines and AOL, which stands for America Online. You can use this approach if you like long and multiword business name. It is easier to remember especially if the letters seem to rhyme like AOL or IBM.

5. Made up Business Names

You can also come up with a word that does not make sense at all. It can be fun and gives a catchy name when done properly. Example of businesses who used this approach are Skype, Zynga, and Hulu. However, you need to be careful not to make the name too abstract because it can easily be forgotten or dismissed as silly.

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