5 Strategies Best Places To Work Use To Engage Employees

As an owner or leader of a company you may wonder how others make the “Best Places to Work List”.  Making the list does not happen on it's own.  Below are 5 ways to create more employee engagement and happiness, thus helping you to make the Best Places to Work List!

You have to build it – You have to create your organization with certain elements that will get you on the list.  You know what types of employees you want to hire so figure out how to attract and engage them.  Build the culture based on the employees you have in the office.

Think like your employees – You have to engage with your employees and learn the employee lifestyle.  Create surveys and let the employees tell you what they like or don't like

Appreciate your employees – Appreciation is more than just a friendly gesture.  Make them feel like they belong on the team and know you think their work is exceptional.  Go the extra mile to make them feel valued.

Be supportive – Create mentorship programs and help your employees achieve their personal and professional goals.

Let employees participate in the brand – Employees have over 10 times the social followers than their company has.  Let your employees share the voice of the company and brand.

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