5 Things Leaders Say Every Day

As a leader, your greatest tools are your words. They should be the window into your company’s vision, your abilities, and your values. There are words or phrases that you should always say every day whether you are running a small or startup or a large corporation. We gathered all the constant and common things great leaders usually say every day.

1. Here is the Plan

Remember you are in your position to lead. Your employees should know where your leadership will take them. There are many people who are willing to suggest on every decision you should make. However, the key factor here is to learn to say “no” to suggestions that will not support your plans, goals, or visions.

2. This is the situation

Employees always find out what is really happening in the company. Remember to share information with them that would affect their work or affect them in any way.

3. Tell me more

It is always best to let your employees know you are more interested in listening to them to achieve good answers than hearing yourself speak in front of them.

4. What do you need?

This question is very important because employees want to know that you care for them. Asking this question will give them personal assurance that you will always there for them. It also a good way of letting them know that you support their suggestion or plan, and you are offering help on what they need to achieve that goal.

5. I trust you

Trust is very important in any relationship. You need to trust them with their judgement, their passion, their integrity, and their confidence. You also need to let them know how much you depend on them.

These are just few of the things you can adopt in your everyday vocabulary when you go to the office to strengthen your relationship with your employees and to motivate them better to produce good quality of work and increase work productivity.

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