5 Tips to Improve Your Company’s Email Marketing

email imageWhy do companies favor email marketing over other marketing strategies? According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and Constant Contact statistics, a company can gain up to $40 sales for every single dollar spent on well-targeted email marketing.
If an email marketer wants to improve sales or increase the return-on-investment (ROI), he or she must consider the following tips.

1. Tweaking transactional emails.

Based on studies, only 20% or less of the subscribers will most likely read their emails. However, people will always open and read emails out from their actions or transactions. Since transactional emails such as purchase order or booking confirmation emails have high open rate, we can take advantage of it by mixing promotions and special offers on the email’s content.

2. Maintain safe promotional emails.
We all know that email marketing equates with promotional emails. We can send all the promotional emails that we want, but we need to consider how our recipients view it. Do they perceive your emails as informative or as spam?

3. Strengthen your mailing list.
A study conducted by Exact Target tells us that around 42% of email subscribers become customers after signing up for a company’s mailing list. Think of a catchy subject line, create fresh and interesting content like webinars, tips or tutorials that will make your subscribers anticipate more emails from you in the future.

4. Control the frequency of your email.
Be sure that your emails are not sent too often or too delayed. Create a mailing schedule that is both beneficial to you and to your recipient.

5. Consider your subscriber’s interest.

When creating email campaigns, email marketers must consider the benefits that their subscribers get out from it. Emails should convey a clear message and should not convey wrong information or deceive the email recipients.

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