6 Business Etiquettes that Everyone Should Learn

Business_etiquetteIn every business deal that we make, we communicate and engage with other people. How we deal with the people around us determines and radiates the values we possess and learn from our childhood.

Below is the list of business etiquettes that can surely contribute to you success:

1. Don’t hesitate to offer a firm and sincere handshake. As first impression lasts, make sure that you are confident as you shake hands with other people. A “wet fish” handshake may give an impression that you lack self-confidence. To develop your poise, go to someone you trust, practice handshake and solicit his or her feedback.
2. Send handwritten and personalized notes as much as possible. Handwritten notes of thanks, encouragement, or recognition will surely touch every receiver’s heart.
3. When on meetings, keep your phone in silent mode or keep it in your purse or briefcase. Displaying cellphone when in meetings conveys a message that you anticipate more important calls.
4. Always ask if it’s a good time to call or to talk to someone. By asking your business partners for the good time, you show respect for their time. If your timing is bad, ask for another appointment.
5. Always be on time. No matter what is your appointment is, practice the habit of the early bird. The person you’ll be meeting up may have a busy schedule so it is important to always show on time.
6. Learn to wear appropriate dress code for your meetings. Business casual does not include jeans, flip-flops and tube tops. Match your outfit with the mode of the occasion or meeting.
To sum it all up, be the best that you can be and treat other people with respect. This way, you will earn the respect and appreciation of other people in return.

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