7 Layout Secrets of the Big Retail Chains

commercial spaceThe following are the seven retailer layout tips provided by experts who have designed the stores of major retailers:

1. Put up window displays. According to Linda Cahan of Cahan & Co., each window tells a story. A single color theme at your window display attracts attention and represents your store’s concept. Clutter should be avoided to prevent creating a cheap image, according to Cahan.

2. Make first impressions last. Make sure your store presents unique, but attractive product displays to catch the attention of customers. According to Pat Johnson, Retail Strategists, tall shelves create unappealing impressions to customers. Shorter shelves best attracts the customers’ attention.

3. Attract customers to walk along to the right. Customers usually look from left to the right as they walk along the store. That is what Brian Dyches believe. He is the chief office of retailing building firm called Ikonic Tonic located in Los Angeles.

4. Lead customers to attractive display of products. According to Dyches, customers look forward to attractive display of products at the end of the rack, not some dead end structure, like a wall or a bathroom. A dead end usually spells out the end of customers’ attention fixation, as well.

5. Construct an angle. According to Cahan, angles attract customers as they provide good navigation guides for customers to move about. Angles avoid uncomfortable spaces to move about within the shop.

6. Divide the store into breaks. According to Dyches, up to 20 percent of the customers he encountered found long uninterrupted aisles unappealing. Construct breaks of different product displays to catch customers’ attention.

7. Put up ’hugs’ sign. Create round and U-shaped structures around your shop premises. According to Dyches, customers are attracted to these structures as they resemble real-life people’s posture giving hugs.

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