Apple’s Approach to Office Space Design

Apple's Approach to Office Space DesignSince the 1980’s Apple Computer has been leading the way in how office space is designed.  They realized back then that the workplace was more than a place for people to meet to achieve a common goal.  The workplace is in fact a communication tool that must help Apple impact its culture, brand, and bottom line.  In order to have a good impact on the company, the workforce, and their success in the industry Apple’s real estate and facilities team must continue to innovate.

So how do they do it?

  • Before beginning the design and construction of the space they collect data
  • They learn what departments/teams do, how they do it, and how they interact & communicate
  • They interview staff from top to bottom
  • They learn from the competition to see how they think about the workplace
  • They collect data from furniture manufacturers research teams to understand trends and how those will affect the workplace
  • They study and research workplace and organizational behavior from leading universities

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