Apps that are changing how business is done

Mobile technology has offered infinitely useful applications in our pockets. New innovations are streamlining the ways that organizations manage their money and time.

Here are some ways that tablet and smartphone apps are making business more efficient:


Consumers always like convenience. This is why many business owners love mobile applications that simplify payments. The well-known application for small and startups is Square where the app itself is free and available for both android and iOS smartphones. It needs a card reader that connects to the phone via headphone jack in order to accept credit cards. There is just a 2.75% transactions fee on each swipe.

Dwolla is also one of the popular applications that is free and available on Android, Desktop and iOS. It acts like Paypal, but more mobile, flexible and friendly. It comes with a much cheaper transaction fee.

And iPad application called Change that comes with transaction statistics, receipts, and other features.

Streamed lined project management

Of the most popular app under this category is Dropbox and Soonr (that is only available to iOS). The app is a cloud-based functionality like document synchronization and other features.

Face to face anywhere

Internet has opened many business relationships across the globe. Most entrepreneurs who have business partners on the other side of the world use mobile or pc application like GoToMeeting where they could do video conference call.

These are just some of the mobile applications that you can use in your business to simplify things and make it convenient for you and for your customers.

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