Area Retailers Find Ways to Offset the Online Shopping Trend

Many retailers are creating innovative ways to combat the substantial losses they have faced in recent years due to a growing online shopping trend where consumers are using a physical store to demo a product and then bargain hunt for the same product on the internet. This has led many retailers to alter their customer service approach with some ideas that include pooling inventory from various locations and offering shoppers the option to place orders online and pick up goods without having to physically shop or wait for items to be shipped. The online shopping experience is here to stay and you can expect to see more companies adapt to survive by combining the ease of online shopping while still giving customers the immediate satisfaction of receiving goods at the time of purchase at their Austin retail space locations.

Head on over to The New York Times to learn more about how area retailers are finding ways to meet the growing needs of todays customer.

Luring Online Shoppers Offline: The New York Times

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