Austin City Limits: Going Green at Zilker

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Austin City Limits; Carbon?

You might be wondering what in the world these two things have in common, huh?

Many of you are headed out to the three day long festival today to enjoy this spectacular weather AND loads of amazing bands. And one thing’s for sure…no one will leave dissappointed. If you’ve never been to Austin City Limits Music Festival, you’re in for a rockin’ good time!

What some of you don’t know though is that Austin is not only the best place on earth to hear live music or start an Austin business but it’s also super GREEN–thanks to the efforts of the local concert organizers at ACL.

I’m amazed at how seamlessly they’ve integrated this in to everything they’re doing for the concert this weekend.

If you’re a business owner that’s trying to figure out how to Go Green and happen to be attending the festival this weekend—take note of all the cool things going on to make Austin’s air cleaner and the city a better place to live and do business. You can also check out the details of all of their Green initiatives on ACL’s website here.

But I think the coolest of all of these initiatives is the option to offset your carbon footprint by purchasing your $3 ACLMF Green Mountain Energy Fan Tag.

By adding the $3.00 ACLMF Green Mountain Energy Fan Tag to a ticket, you’ll receive 300 kWh of renewable energy credits. This offsets 339 pounds of CO2 emissions that contribute to global warming.

That’s like…

  • Not driving a car 433 miles, or
  • Not flying a 1375 miles, or
  • The annual eco-benefit of 24 trees

How cool is that?

You can also view even more details on their site and a quick demo that explains what carbon offset really means….you know, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

So enjoy the festival this weekend and know that while you’re rockin’ out, you’re also doing your part to help Austin be a better place to live and do business!

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