Austin deemed one of America’s most ‘future-ready cities

Austin has yet again impressed another group as it is listed as one of the best cities in the US that is “future-ready” ranking at number five by Harvard University and Dell. The summit took into consideration three major factors in determining a city’s future-readiness.
– Capacity of the city to engage and attract people or stable human capital
– Stable and collaborative business environment
– Availability of infrastructure for collaboration, education and innovation
Aside from Austin, 9 other cities were honored by the summit for their future-readiness.
1. San Jose, California
2. San Francisco
3. Washington, D.C.
4. Boston
5. Austin, Texas
6. Raleigh
7. Seattle
8. Denver
9. Portland, Oregon
10. Dallas-Fort Worth

Read more about this here: Austin deemed one of America's most ‘future-ready cities

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