Austin Office Space for Lease: 5 Tips for Relocating

Office relocation

Feeling crushed by the thought of relocating your office?

Outgrowing your current space?

Need to lower your costs?

It can be a daunting task not knowing if you should stay in your current space or look for a new Austin office space for rent. Many things can go wrong (and also right) when choosing to relocate and some common mistakes include not considering future expansion, quality of life, costs, zoning and planning, and lease negotiations.

These 5 easy tips can help you with your relocating needs:

Quality of Life

  • Consider your employees when choosing a new location for your office. If they can run errands such as buying a gift at a local retail store, grocery shop, visit the doctor, or even hit the gym, they are more likely to be happy and productive during the working hours.

Cost Matters

  • Make sure that the new location is something you can afford long term. Business might be great now, but is the monthly lease at a rate that you can manage even when business might be slow? If not, consider something smaller, consider your 2nd location choice to save some money, or stay in your current location if you can’t afford the new space you’re after.


  • You might not have even thought about expanding your business because all you can think about is moving to a new space. However, before you sign off on a new lease, you need to consider whether your company is poised for growth and if so, how quickly. If you think you’ll increase the number of employees in less than five years, you’ll want to plan for that growth now so you don’t have to move sooner than expected.

Zoning and Planning

  • Make sure that your commercial real estate agent knows the area and understands any specifics regarding zoning, signage, etc. that might be required for your office location. While zoning laws are mostly for those buying commercial real estate, it’s important to at least be familiar with any zoning laws or requirements for your area.

Lease Negotiations

  • Understanding your lease is very important for you as a tenant. While your commercial real estate agent can help guide you during the process, you’ll want to make sure you that you read your lease and fully understand all of the negotiations that have been agreed to between you and the building owner.

If you take the time to follow these 5 tips for relocating your business–the process for finding Austin office space could be much easier than you think.

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