Austin Office Space: The Workplace of Tomorrow


Do you own a design firm, advertising agency, or just like radical looking things and are looking for an Über cool office space in Austin for your employees?

The “Workplace of Tomorrow” is changing and employees no longer want to live in Cube Land. They want creative think tanks, stocked snack bars, and toys to get their creative juices flowing like ping pong and Xbox Kinect.

And if you’re a business owner looking for one of these new kinds of workplaces, now’s the time to get the office you want. According to a recent article written by Globest.com, “tenants have an opportunity to exercise their leverage in negotiations with landlords. This includes pushing landlords to contribute to workplace solutions through tenant improvement allowances.”

Some business owners don’t realize that as a tenant, you have a lot of negotiating power due to the length of lease you are signing. And if you sign a five, seven, or even ten year lease, the stakes go up and you’ve got more negotiating power than ever. So if you thought you’d have to come out of pocket for that super cool conference room you wanted, or pay extra for the spinning doors you’re dreaming of, think again.

The world is your oyster in this “Workplace of Tomorrow” and if you have the right Commercial Real Estate Company negotiating on your behalf, you can get more cool stuff than you ever dreamed of having in your new office space in Austin.

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