Austin Office Trends: The Open Office Layout

Open Office ideasThe shift to an open office layout is becoming an undeniable trend around the country and even in our own city. Many companies are now creating social and inviting working environments that bring their Austin business space to life, rather than isolating employees in a mundane space and surrounding them with neutral colors. This trending approach has also led companies to design their office layout to be a representation of their company culture and many are using it as a means to give their office a personality and create a sense of belonging amongst employees.

Corner offices and cubicles are now often being replaced with large open areas and functional designs that are said to increase creativity and camaraderie. Coincidentally, an open layout also means that companies can fit more employees into a smaller space and save money on rent. Typically for office space it has been a rule of thumb that you need 300-400 square feet per employee, however, the efficiency of open-layouts has allowed some tenants to decrease that amount to as little as 100 square feet per employee.

Surges in technology are also changing the mindset of today’s young professionals. Today’s workers are now viewing their status in their company as the size of their social and professional network rather than the size of their private office. New technology is also allowing employees to spend less time in the physical office and advances such as cloud computing and Wi-Fi hot spots are allowing work to be done literally anywhere. The new trend in workplace is “free motion”, meaning the workforce is now equipped with technology that allows productivity and mobility to coincide, encouraged to move around rather than sit all day, and collaborates on ideas rather than work individually.

Our advice to you:

If you are in the process of looking for Austin office space for lease, keep this idea in mind. We are noticing now more than ever that businesses with a social company culture are creating innovative ways to design their office space. The concept creates an inviting work atmosphere and is also cost efficient.

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