Austin startups raised $50M in funding last week

Austin startups raised $50M in funding last weekAustin startups are now building up the pace when it comes to their investment targets as seven startups have reported a total of $50.3 million worth of capital investments as noted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

These investments are often used to get more business leads and organize additional projects.

– Civitas learning Inc. acquired $34.5 million in their recent series D round of funding that has a target of $35 million for its software development
– MicroTransponder Inc managed to raise $3.8 million out of $5.5 million financing targets.
– Inforce Pro achieved their $4 million Series A round of funding in their recent report
– Aceable Inc, known for their educational apps, achieved their $4.6 million funding targets.
– A $2.5 million funding was reportedly received by Lung Therapeutics Inc.
– Telecommunications firm TeleStax Inc. acquired $809,911 of their $1.6 million funding targets.
– Preschool2me Inc. managed to raise $75,000 of their intended $159,250 targets.

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