Austin Tx Among Best Places For Business & Careers

According to Forbes annual ranking of the best places for business and careers Austin, TX  has taken the 14th spot out of 200 of the largest metro cities.  Many factors taken into consideration were related to jobs, cost of living and cost to do business, growth of income, quality of life, and educated workforces, etc..  Much of Forbes data comes from moody’s and the U.S. Census.

With a current metro population of over 1.8 million and Gross Metro Product (GMP) of $94 billion, Austin, Tx growth has just begun! It has been predicted by Moody’s Analytics that the economy in Austin will grow at a faster annual rate (5.8%) than any other U.S. City.

Governor Perry has been campaigning hard in California trying to lure more businesses to experience Austin’s low tax structure, stable regulations, lower cost of doing business, and educated talent pool.

Check out the full Forbes story here


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