Austin Tx One of 50 Hardest Working Cities in America

The Movoto blog recently researched the 50 hardest working cities in America and low and behold Austin, Tx was ranked #4!  You may be wondering what they based this on?  Well for this article they researched 7 criteria (listed below) and looked at America’s 50 most populated cities.

Each city was measured by these 7 criteria:

  1. Average # of hours worked each week (data taken from Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  2. Unemployment Rates
  3. Commute times (data taken from the Census)
  4. Number of residents working in each household
  5. Average Number of Volunteer Hours
  6. Amount of sleep each city gets on average
  7. Cost of Living

Out of 50 cities Austin ranked #4 overall.  Our worst categories were 31st in commute time, 19th in sleep, and 20th in cost of living.  We would have been 1st on the list if we could have scored a 26 or 27 on the commute time category.

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