Austin’s 2013 Top 10 Economic Growth Stories

Austin’s economy is growing fast, and remarkably astonishing. It has made a big leap and created noise for Austin for the year 2013.

Unemployment rate has generally dropped for this year. Jobs were made available by the companies and are generated fast and more competitive to keep up with the growing population within the state. Though, with such rapid expansion and dense population, problems have surfaced. Traffic is everywhere and the city is still far from solving the problem.

Different plans were proposed and projects were created but several transit activists are firm with their belief that the projects won’t be successful with ballot election.

In the midst of all the noise, Austin continues to pull out some rules and regulations to deal with the expanded and fresh businesses. It has been easy for some changes to be accepted but there are also few lucrative events businesses that put some companies on edge.

The business sector is also cautious with some plans like the restructuring of the Sixth Street’s infrastructure. Indeed, Austin had the biggest economic development stories.

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