Austin’s Economy Ranks No. 1 in the Country

Once again Austin, Tx is ranked #1 in the Country out of 102 cities for it’s strong economy.  18 economic factors were measured and Austin’s overall score was 83.9 out of 100.

With a 5.2% unemployment rate, a 5 year private sector job growth of 10.96%, and houses appreciating at over 7% each year it’s no wonder that Austin is doing so well.  It’s a position that Austin is familiar with and that it held for 8 of the first 10 months in 2013.

Job growth is the biggest reason why Austin remains at the top.  It’s the ONLY city in the U.S. with an above double digit growth in the last 5 years.  No other city in the U.S. has seen anything higher than 8%.

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