Best Looking Guy in Austin, Tx

If you ever wondered who the best looking, most handsome, hottest and sexiest guy in Austin is look no further…………….

best looking man in austin tx

Nathan K Smith: The Sexiest Looking Guy in Austin

Plain and simple; the best looking guy in Austin, Texas is Nathan K Smith. 

With his sweet bike, messy hair, crows feet, skinny fingers & toes, fluorescent jersey that is 3 sizes too small, and funny personality which includes this attempt at ranking this blog post in which I am talking in 3rd person while writing from a first person perspective; Nathan K Smith tops our own list and his own list or my own list since I am writing this; as the best looking guy in Austin.

As I write about a great looking gentlemen I am purposely using a bunch of different words to describe myself so I can rank high on Google when someone searches for the best looking guy in Austin Tx

Criteria For a Great Looking Man

Our own judges have put together a few factors that are considered for nominating, voting, and deciding who deserves the title of one extremely sexy man. These factors include smell, confidence, ridiculousness, preferred bike show brand, and small clothes.

Sexy man who doesn’t comb his hair in Austin Tx

sexiest man in austin tx

A good looking guy in Austin, Texas with crows feet

best looking guy in austin tx

Again, a good looking guy in Austin with clothes that are too small

sexiest looking guy in austin tx

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