Better Business Bureau Austin – Should My Small Business Join or Not?

A lot of companies wonder if it would help them if they join the Better Business Bureau in Austin Tx.  I don’t think it will help generate sales leads however what it can do is give consumers a sense of trust and confidence to buy your products and services knowing that you follow a certain “Code of Business Practices”.   Business members are guided by 8 standards that encourage creating and maintaining trust when doing business:

  • Trust
  • Honest Advertising and selling
  • Truthfulness about product disclosures, conditions and services
  • Transparency with the business policies and guarantees
  • Keep all Promises
  • Responsiveness
  • Integrity in all business dealings

Currently there are over 9,000 BBB members covering Central and Southwest Tx.

Benefits for Consumers

For consumers the benefits of you being a member of the Austin BBB is that they know that your business has pledged allegience to abide by a business code of ethics which gives them a sense of trust in your product and service.  For those businesses that do not act trustworthy it gives the consumers an easy way to complain and hopfully get their disutes resolved.  It rates members and non-members on an A to F scale and provides dispute resolution for both business members and consumers.

Joing the Better Business Bureau in Austin

To join Austin’s Better Business Bureau companies must first fill out an application.  If accepted they will be required to pay an annual fee that typically ranges from $340 to $500 year.  If you are interested in signing up check out their website or drop by their office located at: 1005 La Posada Drive, Austin, Tx 78752

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