Big Retail Chains’ Layout Secrets

Big retail stores were designed to create tempting displays for shoppers. This is the reason why when you go to big chain stores, most of the time, you see yourself buying something from them. Here are the layout secrets of large retail chains:
Shiny windows
According to Linda Cahan, a store display and designer consultant of Cohan & Co, says that windows are the eyes of the store, just like the eyes, which are windows of the soul. In order to create an appealing display, make sure that your retail store window creates a story.
You can use single color theme or any attention grabbing theme that communicates your store’s image. It is also best to avoid clatter because space in retailing is equal to luxury. Your items look cheap if you just cram your items in a window.
First Impression Last
An eye catching display in your window should make by passers slow down. If you run a small store, it is best to use lower shelving units that have narrow shelves and shorter pegs. This would make your store look full without having to stock many products. It also gives the customer the impression that you have a lot to offer them.
Steer Customers to the Right
According to studies, people normally look first left, then right as they enter the store. So make your retail store design where your customers would move right and walk around your store counter-clockwise.
Lead Them Somewhere
Design your retail store with an aisle that leads customers to a back wall display. Some small retails usually fail to put something that would interest shopper at the end of an aisle in their store. Usually, at the end of the aisle would lead to a storage room or ends at nothing. Make sure to create a back wall display.
These are just simple retail store designs that you can adopt, which will help you attract more customers.

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