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techniques used to negotiate commercial lease

Negotiating Techniques to Use to Lease Commercial Real Estate

Every one at some point in their life has negotiated something, however those that learn and use good negotiating techniques will ultimately do better than others. Negotiations are a part of every aspect of your business and personal life and the techniques you learn can be used in any setting. Take commercial real estate for…Read More→

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Austin Office Space Market Leveling Out a Bit Q4 2016

For the most part it’s still a landlords market in Austin however the office market seems to have flattened a bit. Austin office base rental rates have not changed much over the last few months however the buildings operating expenses (aka NNN) have increased quite a bit primarily because of taxes. For example the NNN…Read More→

How are Austin Office Lease Rates Quoted

How are Austin Office Lease Rates Quoted?

Austin office space lease rates are quoted in several different ways depending on who owns the building.  It’s really an accounting thing and/or personal preference however at the end of the day Landlord’s end up passing through all or almost all of the building operating expenses (Also known as triple net..NNN or taxes, insurance, &…Read More→

Should I Own or Lease My Office Space?

Every other few years when lease rates are skyrocketing (like they are in Austin, Tx right now) many businesses start to wonder if they should lease or purchase their office space.  For some it makes sense to own….for others it makes more sense to lease.  It depends on a lot of factors including your current and future business growth…Read More→

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