Happy Employees Are 12% More Productive

There is a research that shows that work stress affects physical health. According to research, happiness can also increase work productivity without compromising quality of work. This mirrors how Google employees have higher productivity because of the company’s perks for them. The company strives to give its employees a healthy workspace. On the same note,…Read More→

Employee Wellness Programs Increase Productivity and Engage Employees

Healthy and Engaged employees are the company’s lifelines. They are cooperative and passionate about their responsibilities in the organization. They are the number-one supporters of an organization’s vision, goal and brand. They come up with innovative ideas and drive the business to success. Aside from the different factors like getting the right managers in place…Read More→

The Groove Workspace

We have been discussing about open office workspace and other office space designs to increase productivity. Check out Dan Cutler’s “the Groove” workspace as he uses a flat screen television, a Wiimote and windows speech recognition for typing free; a nice noise cancelling headset, and a standing laptop desk. It is quite ergonomic, which is…Read More→

5 Things Leaders Say Every Day

As a leader, your greatest tools are your words. They should be the window into your company’s vision, your abilities, and your values. There are words or phrases that you should always say every day whether you are running a small or startup or a large corporation. We gathered all the constant and common things…Read More→

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