Choosing a Studio Desk For Your Office Space and What to Look For

studio desk office spacePicking the best work desk for one’s studio can be very tricky, especially as you need to use your desk for various functions such as for paperwork or computer work. Here are some good suggestions for every type of need.

This first example is good for those who need to work on any type of project. Although it does not have drawers, it does permit easier movement and the shelving options provides better storage capacity. Lighting is also quite good for any user.

This second example is good for those with small work areas. The desk’s horse legs can provide shelves for your items. You can also use the desktop for your work and make small shelving cubbies in the wall so you can use the space to the max.

Another good work desk you can try out is this vintage drawing board that permits users to determine the height and slant of your drawing style. A side table could also be used to put storage. It is perfect for small spaces.

This simple desk provides both a good area for your paper work and your computer. This time, the space is more fitting for the placement, in front of the window or a sliding door. It gives a good view for you to work.

If you are picking a workspace for two people, try using simple tables placed side by side which can be folding then customize it with paint. It allows better collaboration.

This next example with overhanging windows can also boost working efficiency. You can also put a filing cabinet below to get your items.

This next workspace provides functionality and fashion is seen in this studio/laundry room. The table can be used for folding and even art project.

This next desk is quite large and provides a drawer space that can be used for any type of storage issue. The placement is also good because it would allow rearrangement to become easier.

A horse-style desk can also be used for any type of space, especially in the example below.

This next example is quite great, especially if you are using a card catalogue unit for your limited space in your studio.

For those limited spaces? You can use this next example for your desk, which has a multi small drawer cabinet attached. The pegboard attached allows easier access to the storage and you can also display your collection.

Another idea below is for limited spacing using wire shelving.

This next workdesk idea is for sewers, using a 3 gradulated drawers and open leg area where your sewing machine can sit and allows easier movement.

Bookshelves can also be used for dividers for your work desk. You can work desk idea for your kitchen and add a craftier touch in your workspace.

One can also use wooden crates for storage for this next example for desks.

A desk can also be made from anything, so long as it fits your style and some of them can even be found in garage sales.

It is important to remember that large desks can be easy to clean and can be used for any type of work. One can also put together desks and rearrange the cabinets for easier work spaces.

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