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Austin office space for leaseThere has been so much great press about Austin, TX recently that we thought it would be a great idea to share with our clients and business partners why Austin is the BEST city to consider starting your business. Whether you are a large corporation trying to determine the best city to find quality employees or you’re a small business wondering which city offers the most resources to small businesses, we’ve found your answer! Austin has been praised both locally and nationally for its focus on trying to get big businesses to relocate here and for helping entrepreneurs get funding and resources to start their new business.

In addition to Austin’s focus on making their local businesses a success, it’s just a down-right cool place to live. With two major lakes and tons of hike and bike trails Austin is a not only a fun town but a fit one.

If you’re a business owner trying to determine where to start your business and need a few reasons why Austin is the right city for you….look no further.

Here are 20 Reasons Why Austin is the Best City to Start Your Business:

  1. It’s the #1 city for college graduates since the recession hit
  2. Austin is leading the nation in job growth
  3. It has the second strongest job market in the country
  4. Austin is the best place to start a new business
  5. Austin is considered the 11th best city in the US to bicycle
  6. It’s an economic superstar with job creation among the best in the nation
  7. Austin is in the top 10 fittest cities in the US
  8. Austin is the U.S. market that is most conducive to the creation and development of small businesses
  9. Austin named a top emerging commercial RE market
  10. It’s a GREEN city!
  11. It’s the Live Music Capital of the World
  12. Austin is the best place for business
  13. It’s one of the fastest growing cities of the decade
  14. Austin is a great city to find funding for small businesses
  15. Austin encourages residents to shop local and support their local businesses
  16. It’s a community that gives back through community service
  17. Austin is the best city to purchase a new home
  18. Austin’s got the highest number of techies per capita
  19. It’s one of the best cities in the US to raise a family
  20. Austin has the #1 Growth potential in the Next Decade

We hope we’ve given you enough reasons to convince you that Austin is hands-down the best place (possibly on earth) to start your new business. When you’re ready to start looking for the best Area of Austin to find your new business, contact Austin Tenant Advisors (512)861-0525.

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