Common Mistakes Women Make in Negotiations

Most Common Mistakes Many women do not like the feeling of having to negotiate. This article itemizes the most common mistakes women make during negotiations.  These tips below will help maximize their potential in negotiations:

1. Lack of Self-Confidence – this is a much needed factor for women in the field of negotiation.  Many women have more than they think.  With a little preparation and due diligence they can equip themselves with all the negotiation tools they need.
2. Think things are non-negotiable –  As a negotiator, you should always be positive.  Everything is negotiable within reason.
3. Not building professional relationships first – Women are known to be good at making friends and socializing however sometimes they forget about that in business.  Slow down and focus on building solid relationships with those you will eventually negotiate with.
4. Not asking for what you want – Try asking for the things you want or else you would not be able to get them.  Get over the fear of rejection and be more assertive.  You have nothing to lose.
5. Talk to much – Don't be afraid of silence.  Get comfortable with the awkwardness of silence.  Talking too much can kill deals.

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