Controversial Austin Aquarium Finally Opens

Austin Aquarium was finally open for business Thursday morning after a long troubled debate that faces scrutiny in the conviction on federal wildlife charges.

In spite of its troubled beginning, the aquarium opened for 700 visitors on its first day. In early December, Ammon Covino helped bring the 22,000 sq. ft. aquarium to Austin and was sentenced to one- year imprisonment on federal charges because he illegally shipped wildlife across the country.

However, Austin City Council was taken a crucial interest in the aquarium directing city staff to report on relevant city regulations that would protect marine animals housed in the controversial aquarium.

There was an agreement that Austin’s animal advisory commission will looked at the approved creation of a task force to examine the issue. Austin Aquarium will open to pass holders until December 22 when it open to the rest of the public.

Check out more about Austin’s Controversial Aquarium here.

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