Cosplay at Austin SXSW

Watch the cool costumes of cosplayers at SXSW Gaming Expo. A lot of cosplayers in Austin were there flaunting their cool and unique costumes. It is a sure way to celebrate SXSW in the most artistic and creative way!

2014 SXSW offers Cosplay competition. It was a great success because performers and people were seriously psyched. It was headed by two hosts on the stage and performers, and cosplayers are bound onto the stage as their names are called. Techno music was played in the background giving a more special effect and psyched in the event.

One of the rules of the said competition is that cosplayers joining the event should wear their favorite Cosplay persona, but their costumes should be at least 75% made by hand. Costumes used by cosplayers in the event were cool, weird and looks real. Some cosplayers were shy; some were proud with their hand-made costumes that took them more than months to finish it.

Different characters flooded the event from a group of Legends of Zelda to Mario Brothers characters. Cosplayers and people attended the event were in the mid to late 20s. They have waited this event to wear their favorite costumes.

Check out the video

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