Coworking for Hotels – The Future of Hospitality

Coworking for Hotels - The Future of HospitalityFor decades hotel lobbies have been a place where guests, travelers or business people in between meetings could squat for a few hours to do a little work, make a few calls or check email.  These days you would call that co-working, and a few hotels around the world such as Hotel Schani are doing it right.

They literally created a co-working hotel where guests and locals can rent a workstation for the day or hour.  Their lobby has an integrated co-working lounge and dining area on the first floor.

Similar to WeWork they have also created their own co-working marketplace where guests can create profiles, describe the services they provide, advertise, and contact other coworkers.

In an effort to have NO wasted space hotels are finding ways to make use of space that goes unused or not used very frequently.  By turning these areas into co-working hotels are able to attract a new audience thus potentially generating additional revenue.

Co-working for hotels IS the future of the hospitality industry.



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