Create Big Buzz for Your Small Business Without Sponsoring Super Bowl

super bowl marketing I am sure everyone heard about the Coca-Cola ad in the Super Bowl that created a lot of haters and pleaser across America. However, pleasant or bad publicity, Coca-Cola has still created a good marketing ad campaign promoting its brand no matter what. Why? Everyone seems to be talking about the brand across the world of social media and local tabloids.

We all know that marketing campaign in Super Bowls deals with thousands of dollars. But, how can your small business create this kind of big buzz just like advertising in Super Bowls? Here are some marketing lessons that could still create an impact even without Super Bowl.

Reality is “You don’t need to host the Super Bowl to leverage your business. Here are some tips on how to grow your business.

Team Effort

The best way to ensure a successful marketing campaign is to encourage team effort and open communication. Create an integrated marketing campaign across various platforms like Twitter, email, Facebook, Youtube and anywhere your target audience is most likely to be. Reaching your customers’ multiple channels, you are maximizing your business exposure.

Attack Plan

Have a plan of attack and set a calendar mapping out timelines of each marketing communication done in all your mediums. Example: Monday will be for sending email newsletter; Sunday will be a Facebook post, etc.


Create your Goal and map everything that you do and all your efforts to this goal. This goal can simply be to increase revenue for a specific month. Setting a goal will give you a greater chance to achieve it. Your campaigns and strategies should have a clear “call to action” that supports your goal.

Value each player

Valuing each player and understanding individual differences could increase your teams strength and encouraging them to think out of the box ideas that result to effective integrated marketing.

Run the perfect play

Only choose the marketing channels that target your goals and your audience. Identify your targets like new customers and focus on channels where you can achieve them.


Measure your end goal, example, if your goal is to increase event attendance, try tracking the number of attendees that came as a result in your campaign.

These things may sound complicated; however, the right planning and correct execution will give you a good leverage in growing your business without even spending thousands of dollars like sponsoring a Super Bowl.

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