5 Creative Ways to use Social Media for Your Business

social mediaSocial media is a very useful tool in making a big impact for your business however a lot of businesses don understand how to use it or think it’s simply a place to share your content.  Social media outlets are in fact places where people with similar interests gather and engage.  Francisco Rosales wrote a very useful article that I would like to share with you.  He shares 5 creative ways that small business owners can use social media to grow their businesses.  There are the obvious ways we can do this however he takes a different approach which I find very interesting.  Using Facebook is one example however there are others.

For example:

  • Using Reddit to do research and generate target audience feedback, and possibly new leads.
  • Using Twitter to test new article headlines by comparing 2-3 titles by the number of shares and clicks they get.
  • Using Triberr for guest posting and networking with other bloggers in similar niches

For more examples about his check out his article

There is a lot you can do with social media however most of us are only scratching the tip of the iceburg.  If you get creative and think outside the box you can find ways to use social media to do research, network, engage with others, and eventually drive traffic and generate leads.

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