Do You Have A Mean Boss?

Do you have a mean boss?

All this talk recently of bullying in schools through texting and social sites has me thinking of office politics and how it can be similar in many ways.

Even Obama is talking about what a big issue this is in the U.S. and how we all need to support making a change so kids feel safe in schools.

Ever feel like you’re being bullied in the office by your boss or a coworker?

If so, check out this site –it’ll offer some good advice and also make you laugh out loud at some of the situations.  Just what you need in situations where you feel someone is bullying you!

You submit your issue and then an advisor will write you back with a solution.  Some funny—some serious.  I love the funny (shown here in my blog) that they included on one of their articles on how to fight back…open up a can of Whup Ass!

Another of the more serious entries called “Owner trusts a bully to run company” provides reasons why an owner or boss might not be able to handle a situation and deal with a bully appropriately.

Here’s some advice from the site….

It’s amazing how many companies allow themselves to be trashed by unethical bullies. It can stem from various dynamics, and the appropriate steps (not panaceas) depend upon the diagnosis:

(a) the owner is unaware of the problem;

(b) the owner is aware but in denial since accepting reality is too painful;

(c) the owner has a “loser script” like described in romance in books like Smart Women, Foolish Choices;

(d) the owner is addicted to his own self-defeating, destructive behavior, just like a drug addict can continue killing himself and his family

(e) the owner is in collusion due to some hidden agenda or reason (pay-off, threat, hidden benefits);

(f) the owner is unskilled in firing and re-hiring;

(g) the owner’s too lazy especially if he’s coasting to retirement.

Next, they give you four solutions that you can use to solve the issue with your boss…

1) Leave and be at peace,

2) Leave and carry resentment forever (by not getting it off your chest or sharing in an exit interview, etc.),

3) Stay and Accept the Status Quo (use coping mechanisms, camaraderie, humor, other ways to find satisfaction and fulfillment, etc.)

4) Stay and Try to Affect Change

I’m not an advocate for accepting status quo but I do believe that HUMOR is a great way to deal with less than ideal situations.  So do your best to deal with it in a mature way and then just LAUGH it off!  Or just do as the funny at the top of the blog says and open up a can of WHUP ASS!

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