Dropbox Plans to Open a Downtown Austin Office

Dropbox Inc, an online platform used by millions to store and share files for business and personal use has announced plans to open a new office in downtown Austin, Tx.  The new office will be used for sales and support functions.  Zhenya Loginov will lead the office opening in which they expect to have over 30 employees by the end of 2013.  The company is only 6 years old and is said to be the largest online data storage company.  It’s a venture backed company and currently has over 175 million users.

I for one have been using dropbox for 2 years now and love it!  I used to create hard copy reports for clients which took 1-2 hours.  Now with dropbox and the Ipad it only takes minutes.  As an independent consultant this is one of the best tools in my arsenal.

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