Employees Do Have an Impact on Your Retail Sales [infographic]

As the holiday season approaches many retail stores have begun their seasonal holiday hiring ramp-up.  Over 500 thousand seasonal jobs will be filled to help retailers meet the expected increased customer demand, which is forecasted to be $586.1 billion.

According to the National Retail Federation this is the most optimistic forecast they have seen since the economic recession.  In spite of uncertainties such as the Presidential election, current state of the economy, and consumer confidence they expect to have positive holiday sales growth.

Since your employees are on the front line they are critical to the in-store experience that your shoppers have and as a result have a huge impact on the success of your retail sales.  So what can you do to ensure that your customers have a great retail experience?

  • Hire employees that are engaging, enthusiastic, and genuinely interested in serving customers
  • Provide quality training to ensure your staff is well-trained, knowledgable about your products, and capable of offering helpful suggestions
  • Ensure that your employees are readily available to assist customers
  • Make sure your shoppers always have access to a store manager when needed
impact employees have on your retail sales

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