Employers step in to prevent worker burnout

Job satisfaction seems hard to attain especially when the employees are always frazzled with their work. Most of the time they can no longer separate their work from their personal space and time. Thus employers are working on solutions to prevent such problems.

The work demand is getting tougher as the employees choose to come to work even when they’re sick, choose to answer their smartphones and work on their laptop even after coming home and choose to concern themselves on their work over having to spend a worthy vacation. These have a negative impact on the productivity instead of having a positive outcome. These stressors tend to make the employees easily break down and leave their job.

Some companies are already taking some steps on how to revert this. They begin to set limits to the working hour, they recognize and promote the idea that a successful employee must be able to separate work from personal space. As a matter, of fact Volkswagen started to urge its employees to turn off their emails after the shift ends. BMW as well is trying to set new rules of refraining the employees from being contacted after their working hours.


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