How Far Does $100 Go In Texas?

how far $100 goes in texasThe Tax Foundation, a Washington DC based think tank recently released a map that shows and compares how much buying power $100 has for each state in the U.S.   They compared the price of goods in each state with the national average based on data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

  • In Texas,, $100 gives you the buying power of $103.63 compared to the national average
  • The $103.63 in Texas is only worth $88.57 in California and $86.66 in New York.
  • Texas is not just $3.63 better than the national average but $15 better than California and $17 better than New York

Based on those stats it’s no wonder that more and more people are moving to Texas from states where $100 does not go as far.  The Economist 2010 Map has a nice diagram showing where people are moving from.

Other reasons why people are moving to Texas?  Jobs & no state income taxes, PLUS high earning people from California and New York are able to move here and increase their take home income by 9% to 11%.


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