Fashion Takes a Cue from Austin’s Retail Mobile Food Trucks

Some new retail concepts get sticker shock when they see the quoted lease rates for retail space in Austin, Tx.  In some cases these high rents can limit a new retailers ability to make a profit during their first few years of business.  A cheaper way for them to get into business quickly and less expensively is to rent a trailer, remodel it, and then park it in popular locations throughout Austin.  It’s a great way to test out their retail ideas, concepts, and products.  It also helps build your brand and cash flow so when you are ready to lease brick-n-mortar retail space in Austin you won’t be strapped for cash.

As an example Sarah Ellison, former fashion editor wanted to open a men’s and women’s shoe boutique in Austin so she bought a 30 foot trailer, decorated it, and leased a small parking lot close to a popular Austin neighborhood.  She was looking for an innovative way of introducing some of her favorite designers in a personal and social way to the growing market in Austin.  Not only does she own her retail space, she also has a mobile billboard that provides free marketing wherever she goes.

Fashion takes a cue from food trucks | bigstory.ap.org

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