Five Things to Know About High Performers

how to recognize top performersAny entrepreneur wants to have top performer employees. However, based on an article released by Entrepreneur.com says that there is this 20-60-20 rule where only 20% top performers get eighty percent work done, 60% of the employees on average get the rest of the work done and 20% are the worst employees who do little if any work.

Now, in search of top high performers, here are some things you should know about them and how to recognize a high performer, especially during recruitment.


Top achievers can articulate their goals. They can roughly describe what they will be after 10 or 20 years, and they know the steps on how to reach their goals. They even proactively build their skill sets to achieve that goal.

Resume and References

Check their college transcripts and call every reference they have in their resume. Top achievers have built great relationship with people they have worked with in the past.

Can-do attitude

They can express a can-do attitude and the word “try” is not in their vocabulary. During the interview, you can ask hypothetical challenges and look closely to his perspective on life and work.

Key priorities

High performers focus on key priorities and know how to avoid time wasters. They manage to juggle with multiple projects with energy.




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