Hamilton Pool Road (FM 3238) Construction Update

Hamilton Pool Road (FM 3238) Construction UpdateHere is the most recent update on the construction on Hamilton Pool Road (FM 3238)

They will be adding shoulders to the road, and in one section located at Crumley Ranch Road, will also be adding a center turn lane.

The contractor received initial authorization to proceed on March 26.  Typically, it can take up to three months to gear up, depending on the project.  On this job, work should begin shortly, and last about six months, depending on weather and if any issues surface.

The regular lanes are not being widened so they will remain 11 feet wide.  Only 4 foot shoulders will be added on each side of the road.  If you have a driveway that fronts Hamilton Pool Road they are not sure at this point how much driveways will be affected.  If this is an area where no center turn lane is being added, the shoulders could be added to the side of the existing pavement and snug up to the driveway.  It will also depend on the drainage along the road.  If drainage ditches and swales have to be shifted, it could affect the driveways, which would be done as part of the contract.  Driveway tie-ins will be handled as usual.

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