How to Calculate Office Space Rent in Austin Tx

calculating austin office space rentHow do you Calculate Office Space Rent in Austin Tx?

Because office space landlords tend to quote lease rates differently it can be quite confusing and difficult to determine how much you’ll have to pay each month for rent.  It’s important that you ask all the right questions and understand rentable square footage, common area factor, and all of the base rents and operating expenses that go along with it.  Basically find out who pays for what!

Also some landlords quote monthly rates while others quote yearly rates.  Again all you need to find out the answer to is how much will I owe each month?

Here is a simple example:  You found a great 2000 sf office for lease in Northwest Austin.  The landlord is quoting $19 sf + $10 nnn.  To calculate you monthly rent perform this calculation:  2000 sf x $29 sf / 12.  If you calculated it correctly you should have come up with $4,833 per month

We have tools on our website to help you calculate your office space square footage and monthly rent.  You can also check out our Youtube video.  Knowing what the average office lease rates in Austin are will help also.

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