How to De-Stress in an Open Office

The latest office space design nowadays is an open office setting. According to studies, open office space enhances innovation and collaboration. There may be a lot of advantages in having this kind of office set up. However, getting a lot of stimulation can sometime be stressful.

It can become out of control when everyone knows what you are doing and you do not know how to focus. Open office will lessen your time to relax because everyone seems to know and sees your every move. Here are some tips on how relax in an open space-office.

You feel you should be constantly productive to the extent of skipping your breaks. You need to get a grip when you feel you want to stretch out for 5 minutes, or you really wanted to have a break. Remember, your officemates also have their own to-do list for the day. Everyone is busy, too. So, don’t worry if they see you stand and have that coffee break you deserve.

If you cannot concentrate because you are over hearing the conversation of your officemates, you can try putting on your headphones and try listening to calming music or any music that could make you focus on your work. This will minimize or shut off the noises around you.

You cannot make a personal call in the office because you do not have your own cubicle. You can try to make your calls during lunch break where almost everyone will be going out of the office. You can also try to reserve a conference room to make that important call.

These are just simple tips, but they are effective in releasing or minimizing your stress at work in an open-space office design. Being stressed out could be addictive; however, constant stress could slow you down, thus, lessening your productivity. Try to de-stress yourself once in a while.

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